Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where am I?

I know several are probably wondering where i have been?  Let me just say that life has been very trying for me lately and no time for anything! 

Just know that i am okay God is with me and all things will work out for his glory.  I may not be posting anytime soon. 

Miss you all!

Friday, August 5, 2011

We finally got Rain

I was awaken yesterday and again this morning to a aching back and the sound of rain.  We’ve had several thunder storms.  Yesterday storms were not as much thunder, but lots of needed rain.  Today was another story.  We had thunder for at least 2 hours or more.  From 1am to almost 10 am we had round of thunder storms.  Yesterday afternoon temps were back in the 90’s and today even higher reaching 97 degrees!  The rain was nice and we did get a bit of cool down but since the rains the humidity is even worse.  They are predicting 102 again tomorrow.

I got my laundry done yesterday, ughhh i had 5 loads!  Although it’s not put away but it’s in the baskets :))
Today after the rain left we decided to take the day and do something regardless of the heat.  We went to Bass Pro and looked at the new exhibits they were working on when we were here almost 2 years ago.  Sorry, i forgot my camera. 

After several hours of walking, i was exhausted, the heat is still getting the best of me.  We went and got diesel at Wal-mart.  Some Wal-marts have an added 10 cents off with their card.  We actually got diesel for $3.60 a gal and all other places were $3.73, that is 13 cents a gallon saving.  Since we were getting pretty low the saving almost paid for one of our lunch/dinner.  We stopped by Long John Silver and got something to eat. 

We got home to a rather warm home.  For some reason the breaker for our AC units had blown and the poor dogs were warming up.  We were glad we hadn’t made it an all day long outing (we normally don’t unless we have someone to check on the dogs when it’s this hot).  They were happy to see us.  The bedroom was still kinda cool and the dogs were all upstairs when we got home.  The down stairs was 88 degrees! 

I took a nap after we got cooled back down.  We had a great day spending time together. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

battery episode

Since I really don’t have anything else to post these days as we are just trying to survive the heat.  I did promise to post about this and so here it is.

One morning I was awaken by a horrible smell, it smelt like rotten eggs.  Of course our first thought was the black tank needed dumped and we had been having some hot temps.  So hubby got up and emptied the tanks and the smell seem to disappear. 

Later that night before we went to bed we smelt a little bit of the smell again.  We knew the tanks had been emptied.  It seem to go away and we went to bed.  Around 2 am i was awakened by a beeping noise our carbon dioxide detector going off in the kitchen. The smell of rotten eggs.

I got hubby awake and we instantly opened up the doors, vents and turned on all the exhaust fans, the smell was overwhelming.  Our grand daughter Hailey was on the couch and so I woke her up to make sure she was okay. 
We spent over 2 hours checking everything we could that would cause a smell, finally we shut off the refrigerator, freezer and any electrical appliance we had.  The smell continued to get worse and finally hubby went outside to check the battery.  Boom there it was bubbling out fumes like crazy. 

Hubby had to get out his leather gloves, unhook and remove the battery away from the camper.  Once he did that the smell began to leave.  Finally around 4 am we were able to go back to bed.  We had to replace our battery the next day.
I have to say that I am so glad that we had good batteries in our detectors so that they worked.  I would hate think what could of happened had they not.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wow Hot isn’t the word

I guess this is what i get for complaining about high 90’s.  Yesterday my weather bug said 108 and heat index was 118!  Today it’s not much better.  I am so ready for a cool down but as you can see it’s not coming in the next few days. Missouri is way too hot. 

Sure am wishing we’d of went ahead and went out west.  July usually isn’t the hottest month of year.  August is and with July being so hot and the beginning of August, I wonder if August is going to be a month of record breaking temps?


I did change the bed sheets today as tomorrow is laundry day.  I have been taking my laundry out because of the heat and i don't want to heat the camper up anymore then i have to.  Other then this I don’t have anything more then i last posted.  Staying inside in the AC.  Trying to survive the heat.  My body doesn’t do good in the cold or the heat.  Our poor AC sure is getting a work out, just so thankful to have it.