Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Day on the Beach

We decided since the sun was shining and it was going to be another wonderful warm day we’d go back to the beach. Wow what a difference 14 miles makes.


As you can see when we arrived to the beach it was foggy! I bet the temps were 10 degrees cooler. I hadn’t dressed for no sun and cooler temps.

100_4539 100_4542

Even though the temps were a bit cool and we really couldn’t see anything in front of us. We didn’t let that stop us. The water was so clear


Someone even lost their shirt in the water. It was still button up .. hmmm


We thought if we walked the pier that the fog would lift. But after several hours of relaxing on the beach it still didn’t lift.

100_4546 100_4547 100_4550 100_4551

We decided to drive to Biloxi and see if the fog would lift.

100_4552 100_4553

The birds were enjoying the day even though there was fog in the air. The fresh smell of the salt water.


See my footprint in the sand? I love walking in the sand.

100_4557 100_4558 100_4559

Some type of daisy was in bloom.


This man was in the dumpster. He was diving for aluminum cans. He had his bike and belongings parked next to him.

We had another great day along the beach. For dinner we decided on Little Caesar pizza. They had pepperoni for 3.99 and 3 meat for 5 bucks. I got one of each. Hubby likes the 3 meat and i wanted pepperoni. Pepperoni has almost a 100 less calories. Oh by the way i have kept the 7 lbs off that i lost the week before. I’m hoping to lose another couple pounds this week.

We got home a few hours before the rain started. It wasn’t a heavy rain. Just a nice shower that my flowers should enjoy. The rest of our evening was spent talking on the phone to family & friends.