Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Great Day at the Beach

We had another great day today. We slept in and then we headed to the Verizon store to exchange my 110 charger for my Mifi. It stopped working a few ago and it’s covered under warranty.

Then it was time to head to the beach. We went out for lunch and then back to the beach. Lots of people were out enjoying the beautiful weather. I forgot my camera again :( We saw lots of people fishing but no fish seen caught. We got home around 6 pm and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Hailey!


WOW .. it’s hard to believe today my princess turned 7 yrs old! Happy Birthday Hailey! Papa and Grandma miss you and love you. It was great talking on the phone and hearing about your wonderful day. We look forward to seeing you this spring. We also got to talk to our Toby man. It’s wonderful living life on the road, but at times we sure do miss our families and esp our precious grandkids. Being Grandma and Papa is absolutely the best!


Here are our new neighbors.


It’s been a dreary day. We’ve had mist of rain most of the day.


After church hubby came home and put out my other bird feeder. The birds were looking for their food.


Here is my other feeder. In pieces but hopefully hubby is going to get some new string and fix it.


We spent the evening listening to the rain hit the roof. We are so thankful that we have a dry roof, food for our belly’s. We are truly blessed.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Special Prayer request needed

I would like to ask my friends and family and followers for a Special Prayer Request ... Russell a friend of ours from the church project in Leakesville, MS fell off a ladder and has seriously injured his heal and ankle. He has had one surgery and may need another in a few weeks. He is in severe pain .. so please remember Russell in your prayers.


Our neighbors were having a birthday party. The kids were enjoying their selves. Riding bikes, playing in the bouncy.


there is activity in the park. It’s another beautiful day and the temps were in the 70’s!


Yep, we went out to eat and then we headed to the beach. There were lots of people out enjoying a beautiful day.


Even the dogs were enjoying the beach. The owner of the dogs were a guy hubby worked with several years ago when we lived here while working.

100_4644 100_4645 100_4646

We had a nice visit and then it was time to head to Jimbo and Becca’s to visit with them.

100_4647 100_4648

We had a wonderful visit and it was great to see them again. Then it was time to head home.


Our neighbors with the bouncy had packed up and moved out by the time we got home but we have new neighbors in their spot. It was too dark for pictures. Maybe tomorrow. It was another beautiful day at the beach.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A day with a friend

We got up and got ready to go meet our friend Steve for lunch. We enjoyed lunch and several hours of good conversation. Steve is fascinating to listen to his stories of how he came from Ukraine to America. As a young boy his mother died and his older sister and brother were taken prison of war and because he was hiding and saw them coming he escaped. His father then paid another man to take his son to Germany.

The man got Steve far enough that he couldn’t return home and left him. In Germany he befriended the American soldiers and they took him under their wings. Steve was only 13 years old when he was able to be hid aboard a ship and brought to New York. In New York he did some hiding and several soldiers taht helped him in getting his green card. At age 16 Steve was able to join the service. Since he did not have a birth certificate and Ukraine didn’t keep track of these things. The army asked him to pick a birthday as he had no clue when his actually birthday was.

At the young age of 16 they put his age at 18 and he was accepted in the service. Steve spent 21 years in the service. He was successful and left with a E-9 Master Sergeant title.

Once he left the service he then became a ski instructor in Colorado where he retired from. Then he became a school teacher and retired from there as well.

We enjoy listening to him tell us about his life. He is a very humble man and yesterday when hubby and i were feeling very low once again. He made a statement to us.

Steve said my friends .. you need to stop letting others get you down. Remember that God promises to provide our basic needs. So be thankful for what you have. You have a roof over your head, you have food in your stomach and the most important is you have God protecting you. You are guided by a higher power and no matter what people will say or do to you. Remain faithful and trust in the man upstairs. Throughout my entire life i have always remembered that God is my Lord and Savior and as long as i trust and i turn what ever my problems may be over to him and let them go he will take care of me.

Steve reminded us the if we ask God to give us the understanding that he has and the peace in knowing that no matter what happens on earth he is always in control and he will make sure that his plan is carried out.

We came home and it’s a beautiful day. We have neighbors who moved next door and they have a air balloon up for the kids to play in. I will get pictures tomorrow as we had to hurry and change clothes as we are going out dancing tonight. We are going to hear a New Orleans blues band play.

We had a great time listening to the band play and we didn’t get home until almost midnight!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Beautiful Day


I had a new visitor at my feeder today and then look what happened!


Yep, they chewed the string into holding the feeder and down it came. These little critters had a feast. The birds were not happy.


I picked up my broken feeder and hopefully hubby can fix it. The birds were feasting on the left over droppings.


We spent part of our day with friends. We meet Steve for lunch and happened to run into Agnes and Jackie and they joined us. We had a great visit! After lunch we all departed and we headed to the mall. We looked around the mall and hubby was happy as he found his fur – fish – Game magazine although it is Feb issue. After lots of walking we headed to the beach. Yes i forgot my camera. It was a beautiful day. It felt good to put my feet in the sand. I love sitting and listening to the waves. We didn’t do any walking as i was walked out and didn’t want to push my back.

We got home after a trip to wal-mart and it’s another night of spending a relaxing evening.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

4 yrs living in an RV

I went back to bed a little after 4 am and finally got back to sleep. I slept in til after 8 am!

It’s a nice warm morning. The sun hasn’t come out yet and not sure it will. I took these pictures yesterday and so in celebration of our 4 years of living and traveling.


I have found a special place for this campground in our hearts. We have visited here several times through the 4 yrs of our journey.


We are surrounded by the beauty of trees and a feeling of living in the country.


The campsites are wonderful, they are paved and have lots of space between your neighbor.

100_4582 100_4583 100_4585

They have trails for walking. Lexi and i wondered down this trail just a bit as i have a hard time walking.

100_4586 100_4587

100_4588 100_4589 100_4590 100_4591 100_4592

I am not sure why but there are huge trees cut down all through the forest.

100_4593 100_4594 100_4595 100_4596 100_4597 100_4598 100_4599

They have a nice shower house for those who need the service. I have to admit there is no heat and so during cold days you need to shower during the warmest part of the day.


There are only 3 campers left in the park. Us, the van-dweller and this couple from MI.

100_4601 100_4602 100_4603 100_4605

As you can see the dump station is a bit tight for large rigs. There is no way we can make the turn to leave. When we dump before leaving. Hubby will have to back out and then drive through the entrance. Smaller rigs have no problems.


Here is the entrance

100_4607 100_4610

Top and bottom are pictures of the road leading in and out to the campground. Be warned this is a very busy road and vehicles fly.

100_4611 100_4612 100_4614 100_4615

I like this sign and the fact that this is a family oriented park.


Here we are nestled into our comfy spot. We have a huge front yard, side yard and back yard. This spot is a very spacious spot to spend time relaxing.

100_4618 100_4620

Even though we’ve had some cold temps .. my rose bush is blooming .. Isn’t she lovely?

100_4621 100_4622 100_4623

We have all the luxury of life here in our own little world. We have satellite TV, internet, cell phone service and the most important .. we have a nice warm comfy home that supplies all our needs.


Today has been a dreary lazy day. We’ve enjoyed remembering our past 4 years of our journey on the road. We’ve had some great times and we’ve had some not so great times.

One thing that i do know is that I'm so thankful for the life i have. God has blessed us and I look forward to what this year will hold for us. Lots of travels and journey’s along our path.


I had a surprise visitor near my bird feeder. I enjoyed watching this lil fellow.

100_4628 100_4630

We got a nice rain shower this afternoon and as you can see it’s dreary looking outside still. To find this national forest in mapquest or GPS, type in desota park rd, sacier, ms