Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Old-times Day & A GTG

We got up and got ready as we are going with friends to Old-times Day.


As we were getting closer we realized we were going in the right direction as we say lots of horses and wagons.

100_3639 100_3640 100_3641

Once we arrived, it was $4 per adult, a bit steep but we paid the fee and entered. They were giving pony rides.



They also had a spider man bouncy house


This little cabin/shack was like a gift store where you could by syrup and other things.


they even had musicians

100_3646 100_3647

In back of the same cabin/shack they had blue grass musicians.


They had sugar cane and guess what they were doing with it?


Yep, processing it so they could cook it


The had this building for cooking the cane and making syrup

100_3653 100_3654 100_3655 100_3656 100_3657 100_3658 100_3660

I was hoping to see it come out, we waited and waited …


100_3661 100_3662 100_3663 100_3664

Lots of smoke when their cooking, i had to stand back because of my asthma and behold i finally got to see this …


100_3666 100_3667

The potty was pretty neat outside, although the inside wasn’t more then an out house

100_3668 100_3669 100_3670

They were cooking all kinds of good stuff

100_3671 100_3672

Well maybe not all good, this was turnip greens ..


Here was my favorite part, quilting! I enjoy looking at quilts and material. Although i haven’t done much but i plan to winter


They had several furniture displays, this one was all made of cedar. I didn’t get a picture but i did find a candle scent display and they had my pumpkin spice i was looking for .. yeppie … i hope it’s as good as scentsy .. i love my scentsy candles.


We decided not to eat at the Old times Day and decided on a place in town where we could sit down. We went to the same place we went Sunday and it’s called Molton’s Kountry Kitchen. We had the buffet.


Hubby had time for a quick rest, well attempt as Lucy was ready for a rest as well. Around 3.30 pm one of the church members came to our door to invite us over to the chili cook off and get together.


They rented a bouncy house for the kids, they were loving it

100_3679 100_3680

Ben was doing the grilling


A nice turn out and they even had face painting


other games

100_3683 100_3684


Getting ready for the Chili judging


The winner was Ben (grill cook) wife .. hmmm was this fixed?


Pastor Bruce praising everyone


After a wonderful meal, we sat around and enjoyed fellowship while the kids enjoyed playing and then before we knew it was time for the hay ride. Hubby and i snuck back home while they were loading the kids up, it was pretty cool and we had way too much fun for one day.