Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, October 18, 2010

President Lincoln Museum & Home

I got up and got ready and picked up the ladies around 8.30 am. Today is ladies day out. I dropped our truck off at the shop for new brakes all around. We met Wanda and loaded up in her car and off we went to Springfield, IL.


Our first stop was the Lincoln Museum. It cost $9.00 for senior discount and $12 for me. The parking was 10.00 for all day. Here what we saw inside.


A cabin that was to demonstrate how President Lincoln lived as a child.


A display of the White House, which displayed Mrs. Lincoln and others dresses and other items.

100_3490 100_3491

They had important figures sitting outside the White House and the Lincoln family was in the middle. We decided to take a photo of us ladies with the Lincoln family. Now i can say i have had my picture taken with the Lincoln family .. Yeppie


When we first arrived we were just in time for the theater to see ghosts. It was a good show and a nice way to start our tour.


Next we headed to the Union Theater just across from ghosts and it was also a good show. Myself and several other ladies almost jumped out of our seats with the loud noises.

100_3485 100_3486

There were several other exhibits that we toured and we did lots of reading. Pictures were only allowed in the Plaza area of the museum.


Today they were showing a special show called The Destiny and there were only so many tickets available. At 11.30 am we made sure to be in line to get ours.


After getting our tickets for the afternoon show we decided to head to get a light meal for lunch in the Cafe .. Subway is the only choice. We all had a bowl of super that wasn’t impressive. It was a filler until we ate our good meal. It carried us over and then it was time to get inline for our next show.


After we left the museum we walked down the street to see where Lincoln’s law office was. They are in the process of working on it.


In the middle of the square there is a statue of President Lincoln, Mary and one of their boys. Across the street from his law office is the old capital building where President Lincoln was shown in the House of Representatives room.


In front of the the capital is the picture of a boy.

100_3502 100_3504 100_3505

walking back to the parking garage we stopped for another group picture with the statue of President Lincoln. See the train station behind it? I thought the station made a wonderful background for this statue.


These monuments were also in the same area.

100_3511 100_3512

We then headed across town to President Lincoln home before he became president.

100_3527 100_3528

during this time the houses did not have numbers. They had name plates in stead. It reads “ ALincoln”


Here is the street Lincoln lived on, it’s blocked off with a couple wagons that they used during the time.


This is the front parlor


Dining room with Mrs. Lincoln tea set. It was purple as purple was her favorite color


This was the second parlor as you can see Mrs. Lincoln had a taste for being colorful.


This is the spare bedroom


This was President Lincoln bed and desk (the desk had been bought and the legs had been cut down to fit the new owner.

100_3520 100_3521

This next bedroom was Mary’s room. We were told during our tour that Pres Lincoln would stay up until the early morning and so Mary wanted a room of her own to get the rest she needed from raising 3 boys.


Here is what the carpet looked like through out the house


This was the hired help room, it was very small.


These next 2 are pictures of the small kitchen.

100_3525 100_3526

After touring the home it was around 4.30 pm and we were all hungry so we headed to the Golden Corral and had a wonderful meal and fellowship. We had a great time and arrived home a few minutes before 7 pm to get our husbands and play some games. It was a long day but a wonderful day. We had a great time!!