Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Norfork Lake, Arkansas

We got up a bit on the late side today, but we played cards late last night with our friends Doris and Lynn. I’m proud to say the ladies won both games!

Around 2 pm we decided to take a drive to Arkansas to check out some campgrounds over there. We stopped and toured around several COE campgrounds. A couple of them we could get our rig in but the roads are very narrow. Gamaliel COE had a couple spots long enough for our 38’ home but the roads are very narrow for backing into. Bidwell Point, i wouldn’t recommend anyone with a large rig trying to get into that campground .. spots are very small there was one other but i forgot the name and large rigs could get into some spots but the roads are all on hillsides.


Here is a picture that i took crossing the bridge going over Norfork Lake. It’s one huge beautiful lake!


On the way home we stopped and toured a small town called Bakersfield, MO. A very small old town. We found this old neat bridge that we crossed and it takes you to the park and ball field.


Here is the entrance to the ranch. I hadn’t taken a picture of the entrance and decided to do so yesterday.

007 008

The road leading into our private paradise is almost 3 1/2 miles of winding and hilly road. It’s a beautiful drive.

009 010

This snapping turtle was crossing the road

011 012

Here is the gate house, you have to be a member to enter or if your a guest, your member has to be there for you to enter the gate.


There are 5 campgrounds, this is the one we are currently parked in.


Here sits our home, yes we are road to road. That is a down fall at C9, the pads were made years ago and it’s hard to find pads to accommodate the larger rigs, but if you look carefully you find one you can park on.


We had a wonderful time out venturing and we went for a nightly ride and then retired to just relax from a fun day.