Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gulf Island Seashore

I failed to write about the chip in our windshield. On the way from Corpus Christi we heard a noise and sure enough we had a chip in our windshield. I called the insurance and Safelite Auto Glass came to our campsite and fixed it. Here is the chip and the beast waiting patiently to be fixed today.

005 008

The beast sits on an empty lot across the street from us because the lot they gave us at cots isn’t quite big enough. Having to lower the front of our camper to get level the truck can not be backed under the hitch part. We had to park side ways and was putting a rutt in the grass so the owner gave us permission to park across the street.


Here is our home, we have a nice grassy lot behind us and i love that! This is a much better spot then we were on when we spent 10 months here. We actually can not hear the interstate traffic, our new home is nicely insulated and it’s wonderful!


We actually had an afternoon appointment but Pam the lady who was coming was in the area and called to see if she could come on over and i said yessssssssss. She arrived around 10 am and was done in no time. Sorry no pictures as both my batteries are dead .. grrrr


Before i got the appointment to get the window fixed we had planned to head to Gulf Islands National Seashore in Ocean Springs. Since we got the work done early we still decided to do that. We stopped along the way and bought batteries for my camera .. yeppie!!

014 015 016

The last time we were here there were trees down and in very bad shape, lots of Katrina victims living in the campground and just didn’t feel like a safe place to be…


018 019


This time around it was very nice, all the down trees and trash has been cleaned up, no signs of permant residents or pitt bull or rotty dogs as before. In fact the campground had some nice campers in it. I took a couple pictures but they didn't turn out very good .. sorry


The last time here we could barely get past the cross walk and we never actually got to walk around the loop because trees were down. Look at it now!!

020 021

They even have a nice seat built to rest along your journey. It’s about a 1/2 mile walk around. Remember the alligator i saw here 2 yrs ago? Well this is the spot but sorry to say no signs of him now .. i was disappointed.


The last time we were here this visitor cent was not finished and closed off, you had to go to 2 trailers they had temporary set up .. wow this sure is a very nice visitor center



The fishing pier was closed the last time we were here, lots of the boards were missing and they were working on it. Wow .. look at it now …

027 028 029 030


The Pascagoula bridge we crossed to get here you can see from the pier .. see the bridge in the pictures below?

033 034

Here we are getting ready to get back on the bridge in the above pictures ..

036 037 038

Here is what is left of the old bridge Katrina took out ..

039 040

We stopped and had brunch at Treasure Bay, normally they have a great buffet but we were disappointed today for their price. Seems the prices have gone up on most of the buffets around here. Then a trip to Wal-mart to get dog food and toilet tissue and the rest of the evening was spent home just relaxing .

I have posted the link to my old blog when i was here visiting in 2007 . Hope your all having a great week, we are, it’s going by fast!