Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving day again .. Louisiana here we come!

I am up early, things to get done before we can hit the road again. I love moving day because i love to be on the road traveling! It’s been fun here in Texas but i’m ready to see a different state. Louisiana is our next stop. We haven’t decided for sure how long we will be there .. never know with us .. so until next time you all behave and have a good one .. I on the other hand will not be behaving as that is not who i am .. hehe love you all

What a traveling day!

I had a ruff night of sleeping, the humidity is moving back in Texas and it really bothers me. I finally decided around 4.45 am to just get up because i couldn’t go back to sleep. I started getting things going, hubby got up around 6 am. He had to dump, unhook hoses , hook up the truck and do all that good stuff since we didn’t do it last night. We were actually pulling out of the park around 8 am. Wow were doing good. This is not usual for us with hubby, normally he drags his feet getting ready to roll. If we are on the road by 9 am that is good for us. Hmmm

We had a pleasant drive and got on the Sam Houston tollway to miss the traffic in Houston .. well we thought! Our wonderful Tom Tom (not) took us back off the tollway and put us back on US 59! We knew instantly when we came off the exit ramp and saw the traffic we were back on 59 .. grrrr Biting our tongues we actually made it pretty good through Houston, traffic could have been much worse. Sorry no pictures as i had to man the atlas and signs. We stopped several times and i even took a few naps here and there.

002 003 004

We knew Louisiana was getting closer because the traffic really started picking up.

006 007

Going across bridge over Lake Charles i could see the visitor center but hmmm another bridge?


After we got across the bridge there was a exit but we opted not to stop as we had stopped not long ago to fuel up and take the needed bathroom break. 009

Isle casino as you go over Lake Charles

011 012


Lake Charles Lake is one huge lake!


Ughhh look at the traffic ahead of us .. and then off course more bridges and water!

017 018 020


026 023

Another bridge ahead …


Can you see the bumper to bumper traffic? We were stuck in traffic for over 20 mins just barely moving and if we got up to 10 mph we were moving!


I had planned to travel 390 miles which takes us about 7 hours with me. But no hubby decided he wanted to skip Louisiana and go straight to Mississippi .. 631 miles !!


Finally I was so happy to see this sign! We didn’t get off the road until almost 9 pm! It was horrible! By 5 pm i was tired and wanted to stop but hubby kept saying oh we don’t have but a few miles to go .. ughh

We got backed into our site which was a chore because it was on hubby’s blind side and i am basically no help as i don’t have the truck trailer backing figured out like i did the motor home .. hubby did good considering he had to help .. LOL We were parked setup and had the dogs walked by 9.45 pm. We grabbed a sandwich and i went to bed. I was exhausted!