Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back at C9

We arrived a bit early to hubby's appt and lucky for us they got us in early! Hubby has been released from his liquid diet to a semi - soft diet .. He was able to eat a mcdouble without the bread on the way home. I had to break it into very small pieces.

After hubby’s doctor appt, we headed back on the road, although with sadness i have to say with one less passenger. Hailey didn’t return back with us. She stayed home with her mom, but on the bright side we will see her Friday night!

We arrived back to the ranch around 2.30 PM and then hubby just couldn’t stand it he had to go fishing, so i went visiting. My friend Dora is here with her daughter. Hubby came back and we spent our evening going from one set of friends home to another. It is so great seeing friends we’ve missed bunches over the winter. Although we are torn between our summer because we have friends in Illinois and Missouri both that truly enjoy seeing.

When we arrived back to the ranch we were surprised our row and area is filled up in fact the entire campground we are in only has like 7 spots left and all 7 are for smaller trailers. So glad we decided to arrive early and get our spot staked out!

It was after midnight before i got to bed! Time sure does fly here at the ranch.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the road yet again!

Tuesday afternoon we packed an overnight bag, loaded up the dogs and headed out for another road trip! Hubby had his check up on Wednesday and hopefully will be getting his temp teeth next week July 8th. Yes, that means yet another road trip … geez .. this new truck is gonna be wore out before summer is over with all this traveling!

We arrived in Illinois around 8 pm and dropped off Hailey at her house, spent some time with Tobeman and then arrived at Gabe’s place around 10 pm! It was a long day of driving .. of course i read my book and Hailey watched her DVD’s. We stopped and purchased her a portable DVD to keep in the truck while we travel back and forth.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Heading to C9!

We got a call from our friend Skip from C9 to see how hubby was doing and he asked when we were heading to the ranch. I said after hubby’s dr appt Wednesday. Skip said that the campground we like to camp in was filling up that we should probably get here sooner if we wanted a decent spot. So around 10.30 last night hubby said we should probably head out Sunday.

Hmmm i’m not even packed but i said okay well when i got up this morning i had to run over to the DMV because we found out that our 1 ton truck is suppose to have D license plates and not B! B max weight is 8000 lbs our truck it’s self weighs more then that .. ughhh so after another $155 bucks we now have temp plates and are legal. Wow sure glad we didn’t get a ticket!

When i arrived back at the camper hubby and Hailey were packing things up … i ask what we were doing and hubby said .. i guess if you want we can go today!! Ummm yeah i’m ready but not packed. So i got into fast work mode with getting everything put away for travel mode. Yessss i love being on the road!

It was a long drive, but we were on the road before 11 am! Hmm not bad, i had us packed in a little over an hour!

We arrived at the ranch around 6 pm and hubby just had to help setup and yes … he isn’t suppose to .. of course he refused help hooking up too .. men!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Grand daughter visiting

Hubby was feeling better today and wanted to get out of the camper so later in the afternoon we went to our oldest son house to get our mail.

When we arrived our grand daughter Hailey came running to us and her first words were i’m going with you and then she informed Papa she needed a new bike her old one is broke and of course she knows exactly the one she wants … LOL

Papa looked at her bike and yes in fact she needed a new one. We visited and then we loaded Hailey’s things in the truck and she returned home to spend a few days with us.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beauty and the Beast!

I went out to dinner with 2 friends, we went and ate Chinese .. shhh don’t tell hubby .. he is still on broth .. LOL Oh it was so good and i have missed it!

My friends Cora and Wanda went on a ladies night out. After dinner we went to the musical play Beauty and the Beast .. it was wonderful and a blast. Esp since we knew several of the characters who are friends of ours.

It was a great night and i didn’t get home until almost 11 pm!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Internet!

Hubby went to the doctor today and not healing like he would like, still on a liquid diet .. go back in a week and hopefully they can get his teeth made .. still in lots of pain.

I have been keeping busy taking care of him … well okay laughing at him is more like it but only because he makes new funny faces and his speech is bit on the funny side. Hubby you know i love you even though you are making funny faces and sounds .. your my baby!

I have been doing a bit of volunteer work here and there when they have some for me. Although some volunteers just hog all the work … Cora do you know who i’m talking about? J/K you are great to work with .. love ya

Not having internet at my camper stinks … ughh what it’s like when u get addicted to something … yes i’m addicted to the internet and now Farmville … grrrr

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!


I took this picture after father’s day but thought it was it belonged with this post. Here is hubby holding our baby girl!

Today is a lazy Sunday for me. We didn’t go to church as hubby still isn’t feeling good. He bent over and now he is in extreme pain. He still isn’t able to eat anything with a texture to it. So his meals have consisted of broth, runny jell-o, runny yogurt, ice cream and ice freezes.

I want to say Happy Father’s Day to my hubby and of course my dad. I was a bad daughter this year and forgot to get cards. I’m sorry dad but i am thinking of you and i love you.

It’s been really hot and humid and my entire day was spent inside the AC. I spent it trying to catch up on email, of course i only have about 4000 more to go before I'm caught up. The RV groups are big e-mailers and sometimes i get a month or so behind. I also read the blogs that i enjoy following of other RVer’s. I love Firefox plug-in scrapbook as i can capture the blog and read it later. I really don’t like not having internet at my camper. I have to drive up and sit in the truck and download everything and view it later. I do my Farmville while I'm downloading and capturing screen shots.

Hope all you father’s out there are having a great day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Volunteer Dinner and Judge Judy’s Court

Here at Lake Williamson we have several good friends and as you that know me well know that i love to aggravate. Well Thursday while i was doing some volunteer work I found a note on the windshield of the truck. It said that i was parked in a no parking area and a complaint had been made .. it was my last notice, signed by LWCC Sheriff.

At first i thought it was the maintenance supervisor as he had stopped me previously a few nights before that and was teasing me that i was illegally parked. On my way home that afternoon i stopped him and questioned him and he said he wasn’t the sheriff. I came back home and seen Dale who is the camp host sheriff and i asked him about it and he chirped that he was told to do it and that i would know who complained. Finally i realized that it was Cliff who is a volunteer and a RV Maps member as well. I told Dale i was going to take action against my ticket.

Later that night i saw Cliff and of course he denied the entire thing. Later that night i went to get ice cream with my friends and other volunteers Wanda and Cora and I decided to write some notices myself and they were for those involved to show up for court. It was set for Monday at 8 am but several of the defendants couldn’t make it. So on Friday the date was to be changed and since we were having a volunteer organization meeting that night another friend/volunteer Georgia suggested to hold court after the meeting. Wanda got the okay and we spent the afternoon putting the event together.

It turned out great and was tons of fun! Wanda my friend was Judge Judy, there was a 6 woman (all volunteers) jury. The defendants were Kenny (supervisor) Dale ( camp host volunteer) and Cliff (volunteer). Of course all three men were found guilty.

We had a blast, Dale argued that his wife was on the jury and that it was an all woman jury of Judge Judy argued that his wife should help him and he replied .. I doubt that and Kangaroo court, he was over ruled and told he would be held in contempt if he didn’t be quite. Cliff tried to bribe jury Sally with his fishing boat and Judge Judy told him if found guilty he wouldn’t have a boat to loan her and Kenny tried to slide Major Georgia some cash.

I was the incent angle that i am and i played the harassed disabled woman that i am who done no wrong. I sweet talked the judge and jury and they had so much sympathy for me and in the end found all 3 men guilty as charged.

It was a great night that started out with a great Chicken dinner, our volunteer orientation and then court and the movie Blind Side. Blind Side is a great movie and it was a great night with lots of fun and fellowship. Everyone that attended and participated had a blast with lots of laughs.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally teeth are gone!

We got up early Tuesday and took hubby to once again see about getting his teeth removed. Finally they were able to remove his teeth. The bad part was they could only give him a local because of his blood pressure. After 5 hours .. 13 teeth were surgically removed. 2 punctured sinus pockets but the teeth are gone!!

So far so good … He is doing okay, he had a ruff night his first night with lots of throwing up and bleeding. His second night was a painful one and today he still has some swelling and is still on a liquid diet which he is not happy about.

I haven’t really been doing much to blog about except for taking care of a sick grouchy husband. At least the temps have cooled off the past couple of days and we haven’t had any rain !!! But look out tomorrow … back to the high 90’s with high humidity! The weather man says that with the heat index it’s going to feel like it’s around 102 –105 degrees!! Storms are moving back in I’m ready to head farther north where it’s cooler but that isn’t going to happen until hubby gets his teeth taken care of. Michigan, Minnesota,or any other state north sure is looking nice right now. Hubby goes back to the doctor Tuesday and hopefully he will be healed enough to take get an imprint and install his temp teeth in a few days.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Squirrel and Bird Watching

Not really much is going on with us .. i got up this morning to an evasion of squirrels eating the bird seed i put out. My neighbor Arnett loves to watch birds and her husband George hung up the feeders and the birds were missing the feed. Another neighbor Cora donated some bird feed and i filled the feeders. (Thanks Cora) The birds were in heaven … that is until this morning …

000_1801 000_1807


My lens kept fogging up because it’s so nice and cool inside but hot and humid outside. But you can see the evasion.


This squirrel found him a great hiding spot while the others were fighting.




Later Lexi chased the squirrels away and the birds returned. Plus it’s really hot and humid right now so i think the squirrels are waiting for a cooler time to return ?

000_1809 000_1811 000_1812 000_1813

I also made up some hummingbird feed and hung my feeder as i had spotted a couple. Sorry it wasn’t a good picture but all that i could get.

000_1818 000_1819

I transplanted this plant, not sure how long i will leave it in this pot. It was in with another plant and needed it’s own space. As you can see by the picture below this plant is expanding and taking over the entire pot.


My rose bush is getting new buds and the flowers (don’t recall what they are) are really blooming and looking beautiful. I can view all of these out of my dining window. Even the birds.

000_1821 000_1824 000_1826 000_1827 000_1828 000_1829

It’s been really hot and humid with rain off and on here. So the past 2 days have been spent indoors. I’ve taken advantage of moving my laptop to the table so that i can play and watch the birds. I have found i really like watching the birds and the squirrels. The squirrels are out in the morning and late afternoon.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nothing really to blog about

I haven’t really had much to blog about lately. Our life right now is depending on health issues. Plus i have to drive to get wifi which is a bummer. I have been looking at maybe getting an air card but hate the thought of having to spend $60 bucks a month!

Our memorial day was spent packing things up and on the road a little after 9 am. We spent it traveling on the road back to Illinois. We had a smooth day of 281 miles of travel. We arrived around 3.30 pm. Got things setup. Visited with some friends we hadn’t seen in a year.

June 1st hubby went to his dental appointment but it wasn’t successful. So an appointment with our primary doctor was scheduled, then test.

After reviewing the results, another attempt is going to be made Tuesday June 15 to extract hubby’s teeth.

In the meantime we’ve been doing a bit of volunteer work to keep us busy. A day was spent in Springfield trying to get some title work on our camper and truck straightened up.

We are not sure how long we are going to be here. It all depends on hubby’s health and how things go. I’m enjoying seeing all of our friends, but I'm also ready to head back to the ranch.

I would also like to head north and do some site seeing but as usual our plans are written in jell-o. Only time will tell what is around our next corner.

Until next time …..