Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tin Can Seminar

We survived another night of the cold winter that Arizona is experiencing.  Temps were not as low as last night .. the low this morning was 34 degrees but that is still too cold for me!  It was suppose to be only one more night of it but now today the weather man has said tonight will be our last night of brutal cold temps and a warm up is coming!!  It was a warmer today then yesterday but still it wasn’t my desired temps that I consider warm.  I am still sporting my heaviest coat that I own which isn’t very heavy as I do not like to be where it’s needed.



This is the road we are parked off of .. it’s a semi blacked top road ..  we follow it about an 1.2 mile to get to the dirt road where the RTR group is parked.


Here is the dirt you go down to get to the RTR group.  The only thing here is if they get rain it floods from the sign


I-10 is not far from where we are parked and we do get a bit of road noise but were getting use to it. 


when you look toward the town of Quartzsite from where we are parked .. here is what you see ..


all those white things are RV’s!  they are everywhere and from were told we haven’t begun to see RV’s yet.  The big tent show doesn’t start until Jan 17th so there is lots more to arrive.


We are starting to get neighbors around us


We are not secluded anymore


some are close and some are farther away from us


this rig pulled in yesterday behind us .. we still have a nice distance though


this group is part of the Yellow Freight that are on down from us and have welcomed us with open arms.  It’s amazing how everyone out here is so friendly and always willing to help in a time of need.


Today’s meeting was called Tin Can Seminar .. they had a can out and you wrote any question you had and put it in the can .. Randy lead the meeting and read the questions and then anyone in the group answered them.  It was great and a great way for lurker’s as myself to ask something they might be a dumb question.  I learned several things and so glad that I remembered my pen and paper to write some things down. 


Tonight’s dinner was a spaghetti pot luck ..


It’s a good thing we are parked off to ourselves as there are lots of 4 legged fur friends who are not on a leash and our Lexi thinks she has the right to sniff other dogs, but when they sniff her she thinks she has the right to attack them and let them know she is the boss.  So it’s best to keep her off to herself from the group. 


the fur friends are waiting for their chance to get a dropping or lick the dishes clean


We are spending our evening all snuggled in the warmth of our home.  Watching TV and browsing  the web.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here a week today!  Where has the time gone?