Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On the road again

We were up at 5.30 AM and took our time getting the last minute things packed and ready to go.  We didn’t have much as we hooked up the night before and basically just had the coffee pot, TV antenna, computers, slides, water hose,  electrical cord and front jacks.  It was barely breaking day light when we headed to dump the tanks and on the road.  (I took this picture of us hooked up before dark the night before)


As you can see it was still breaking day light when we arrived in Alabama.


Finally it was daylight and we were travel on a roller coaster.  Around the curves and up and down we went.


weee were having fun


We ran into construction.  I don’t think we’ve ever traveled where we haven’t hit construction


More fun ahead .. we just went through Birmingham, AL and looks like more mountains


Oh yeah construction and look at that climb ahead of us

011   014

In a bit 2 big boys are gonna meet

015 016 

We took US 431 to US 78 to I-78 which is going to be the future I-22 when it’s finished.  Beautiful scenery and a beautiful day for exploring new roads.


We saw several other RV’s on the road.  Looks like the snow birds are all starting their journey north

035  037 

We arrived in Mississippi .. one of our favorite states!

039 036

We are making good time and decided the truck stop we had planned to spend the night at in Red Banks, MS wasn’t needed as we both still felt like traveling some more miles.

024 026 027

For an Interstate not much traffic at all ..just the way we love it!!


the wild flowers are in blooms.  i love seeing them


were still on our roller coaster .. ughh the gas mileage isn’t going to like that.

 031  033  040

Hello Tennessee .. although  i almost didn’t get the sign .. i wasn’t paying attention

041 042

were in Memphis can you tell?

043 044 045 046 

we passed this huge place where they unload rail cars and put the trailers on semi’s to haul to their destination.  this place is several blocks long and i loved watching them.

 048 049 050

right before arriving into Arkansas and crossing the bridge this poor soul was getting a tow.


Welcome to Arkansas .. umm were on our 5th state .. GA, AL, MS, TN, AR


here we go across the bridge, we went a different directions through Memphis this time so we didn’t get to pass Graceland.  Maybe next time.


I was needing this too .. ughhh


were getting closer to our destination for the night our 6th state is fast approaching.


Ughhh .. we hit a bump as i snapped the picture and it turned out blury .. you can see it says Missouri .. our 6th state of the day .. wow were putting on some miles


We arrived at the ranch around 6.30 pm and we got a spot and parked for the night .. what a very long day.  After getting setup we got some dinner and went to visit our friend Rick we hadn’t seen him since we left the ranch in July!!