Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bass Pro

We got up early this morning and went out to breakfast with friends .. Yes i know .. were is my sanity going?  I have to be crazy to get up and go out for breakfast.

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We went to Hemmingway’s at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO.  I have to admit I did enjoy watching the fish swim and they had some pretty ones.

006 009

The waitress took our picture ..not sure what she did as it didn’t turn out to good .. oh well L to R Hubby, Jackson, Ron, Dorothy, Anna and myself.  It was good and the fellowship was wonderful.

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After we finished eating we decided to walk around Bass Pro and when we got downstairs we were just in time to see the fish feeding demonstration.  It was fun


Of course i had to go see my favorite thing there .. Yep this big boy/girl .. it’s the first time I've gotten to see it out of the water!  I was so excited.

 019 020

Of course they’ve got their Christmas display setup and it was fun enjoying the kids who came to see Santa already.  They were getting an early start. 

After hours and exhausted it was time for hubby to go to his favorite place .. yes the toy store .. geeze Christmas comes early for some.  He needed some attachments for this little toy he purchased awhile back and since we are pulling out next week he wanted to get them now.  Then it was on to the Battery Plus store .. Ouch $93 for a little bitty battery!  We needed a new battery for our generator.  Hand cranking that baby is no fun for hubby.  Then we stopped at the Food 4 Less store and got some things.  They had several good sales and hubby was so happy.  He loves to grocery shop .. ughhh

Finally it was late in the afternoon and i was ready to head home to rest.  Exhausted we came home and i rested before we were to head out to dinner with Jackson and Anna and from there we came back and played that game again .. ughhh Of course i didn’t win again tonight.  We did enjoy our evening with friends and didn’t get home until 11.15 PM!